How to Get a Quick Trade-In Estimate

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Are you ready to upgrade your commute from Tallahassee to Tallahassee? If so, there’s never been a better time to sell your vehicle. Why? Because the automotive resale market is at an all-time high. That means you can get top dollar for your trade to put towards your next vehicle purchase. Better yet, when you work with the financiers at Kraft Nissan, you’ll often secure an offer well above the market value! 

Our mission is to offer competitive financing and automotive solutions for our local Tallahassee drivers. So, you can rely on us to offer a fair and transparent process from start to finish. Learn more about the advantages of selling your vehicle and make use of our 10-Second Trade-In Tool below!

When Should You Sell Your Car?

With automotive resale values reaching historic levels, the time is right to make that sale you’ve been considering. Whether you’re hoping to upsize, downsize, or make some extra cash, selling your vehicle within the next few months is the best way to secure your maximum sale price. Now that you know that now is the best time to sell your vehicle, you might be wondering about the benefits you can expect from trading your vehicle to a trusted dealership. 

Trading in your car is the quickest way to reduce what you owe on your next vehicle. Whether you’re shopping new or pre-owned, the value of your trade can be applied to boost your down payment. What’s more, you’re always welcomed to take advantage of the current market to sell us your vehicle and pocket the cash profit! Below, you’ll discover how to sell your vehicle quickly with our team!

How to Trade-In Your Car

Secure an Estimate

While now is certainly the time when savvy investors would ‘sell high,’ you can always rely on Kraft Nissan to help you through the sale process. To get started, you’ll want to get an estimate of the value of your current vehicle. Luckily, our online trade value tool is easy to use and can be filled out in moments. 

Along with that, you can verify your estimate with trusted authorities like Kelley Blue Book® Value and Edmunds True Market Value®. It’s best to be as honest as possible when getting an estimate, that way there won’t be any major surprises when you have your vehicle appraised.

Have Your Vehicle Appraised

Once you’ve decided to make the sale, visit Kraft Nissan to secure an appraisal. Our team will examine your vehicle inside and out to evaluate its mechanical status, physical condition, and appearance. We’ll also consider how well your vehicle fits with our current pre-owned inventory. With the current competitive automotive landscape, securing an advantageous deal at Kraft Nissan is a breeze. Be sure to bring your estimate along so our team can review the information!


After the appraisal is complete, you can negotiate or accept our offer. Before you visit, it’s a good idea to study the local market to get a feel for what your vehicle is worth. Luckily, when you partner with Kraft Nissan, you’re welcomed to negotiate. We want you to gain an offer that makes you proud, and we’d love to hear what you think is fair based on your research. From there, you can accept the cash as profit or use your proceeds to bolster your down payment on your next purchase!

Work With Kraft Nissan Today!

If you’re eager to take advantage of the current automotive climate to make a massive profit on your auto sale, contact Kraft Nissan! Our team is here to help you score an exciting offer on your vehicle. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things car buying. With us, you can apply for financing and even calculate your payments online. Reach out today or visit us in Tallahassee to work directly with our team!