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What Does “Vehicle In-Transit” Mean?

2022 Nissan Rogue Sport

So, you’ve custom ordered the exact new Nissan automobile you want. It has all the optional features and accessories you need. And now, you’re eagerly awaiting your new car’s arrival in the Tallahassee area. But after checking your order’s status, you find that your vehicle is “in transit”. What does “in transit” mean for a car dealership? In-transit vehicles have left the manufacturing facility and are waiting to be delivered to the dealership. We discuss below in more detail what it means to have a car in transit, and we’ll also discuss how to track a vehicle in transit.

What Does “In Transit” Mean for a Car Dealership?

So, what does “in transit” mean for a car dealership, typically? As we said, it means the car has rolled off the assembly line and is awaiting delivery to the dealership. How long does a vehicle in transit take to be delivered? Well, the whole process of custom-ordering a Nissan automobile can take from 6-12 weeks to see the car delivered to the Tallahassee area. However, a car in transit is rarely in transit for more than 30 days, often shorter. 

How to Track a Vehicle in Transit

We live in an age where you can easily use your smartphone to order something, then track that item until it reaches your home. So, it’s no wonder that our customers often ask how to track a vehicle in transit. If your car is in transit and you would like to know its status, just contact us. We can easily track down in-transit vehicles at Kraft Nissan. One thing to keep in mind regarding a vehicle in transit is that these cars don’t always go directly to their destination after leaving the factory. Your vehicle may be one of several that have been loaded onto a trailer which will be delivering cars to multiple dealerships.

Order Your Car with Kraft Nissan of Tallahassee

We make custom ordering a car easy. In fact, you can even order your car from your home and have it delivered to your house. Why not give it a try? Or, if you’d rather come to the dealership near Tallahassee, we’ll be happy to see you and help get you behind the wheel of your next car.


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