Introduction To Service


Introduction to Service at Kraft Nissan in Tallahassee, FL

There are many service centers that could care for your car, but quality beats quantity. You’ll get the proper Nissan service center experience when you visit Kraft Nissan. From conveniences, such as free Wi-Fi available in our waiting areas, to genuine Nissan parts, you’ll be glad you did business with us. Check out this in-depth look at our services, and schedule an appointment as soon as you’re ready.

All Major Nissan Services

Our service department in Tallahassee carries out all manner of maintenance tasks and Nissan auto repairs, some of which can be expedited through our express service lane. We’re well-known for providing on-time and high-quality car care in Tallahassee, Florida, no matter what you need. Visit us for Nissan service repairs that include the following:

Synthetic/Regular Oil Changes

Our professionals will remove the used oil filter and drain the pan before replacing the fluid with fresh oil per your car’s specifications. We’ll be happy to guide you through the choices, such as what brand of synthetic or conventional oil might work best. You’ll also get a new manufacturer-recommended oil filter for the highest performance and overall system durability.

Nissan Brake Service

Many tasks can fall under a brake service, including brake system repairs, inspections, and part replacements. Your car will require routine brake pad replacements to keep the brakes functioning properly and an eventual brake fluid change. You should also have the brakes inspected at least twice a year, as this may reveal the need for services such as pad replacement or brake fluid changes.

Battery Replacement and Electrical Service

One of your car’s most crucial components is the battery, and it’s not just because it starts the engine when you turn the key. The battery also supplies electricity to the car’s many electrically powered systems, including the infotainment screen, power windows, and more. We can evaluate your Nissan battery to determine whether it needs replacing and whether any related issues are present, such as a damaged connection or considerable corrosion.

Engine and Transmission Service

Without a functioning transmission, your car’s engine wouldn’t be able to move the wheels. It’s crucial to service your vehicle’s transmission when needed and to get the task done on time, even if it only has to be done every few years. Both manual and automatic gearboxes require transmission fluid replacement after a set number of miles. Your owner’s manual will have more concrete guidance.

Climate Control Services

You might need some work on your car’s heating or air conditioning systems to keep them working at their best. For instance, a leak in the freon coolant system could necessitate a refill before investigating the source of the leak and fixing it. Make sure your Nissan is ready to warm up the cabin, cool it down, or defrost the windows when necessary.

Windshield Wiper Installation

Windshield wiper blades are essential for visibility and safety, but they quickly lose their integrity, necessitating replacement every six to twelve months. We provide a broad selection of premium wiper blades for Nissan vehicles from well-known producers, including Bosch, Valeo, Michelin, Lucas, SWF, and the award-winning AeroWiper range.

For any tasks falling under the above categories, we can suggest further actions to save you from higher maintenance costs later. We make it easy and affordable to keep your Nissan in perfect condition.

Nissan Tire Center and Wheel Services

Maintaining your tires will ensure the best handling and traction, increasing your safety and your passengers’ safety. Kraft Nissan is ready to get you a better deal in a shorter timeframe for all forms of tire care, including rotations, inspections, tread checks, and replacements. If you need a new set of tires, visit the online Nissan tire store to shop for the right tires for your vehicle.

Accurate wheel alignment enhances handling performance, increases tire life, and optimizes driving stability. Moreover, our professionals will check your wheels’ camber, toe, and caster angles during a wheel alignment service, making any necessary modifications to guarantee that your tires wear evenly and perform effectively.

Why Choose the Kraft Nissan Service Department?

Let us be your go-to dealership for all your service needs in Tallahassee. We can conduct any necessary work to return your Nissan car, truck, SUV, or van to peak performance and factory standards. We can service your vehicle from routine maintenance to major component replacement. What’s more, you can save money on battery and tire care, brake pad replacements, filter changes, fluid changes, and routine Nissan checkups with our selections of Nissan service specials and discounts.

Saving money on required automotive services is one thing, but there are other benefits to choosing a quality dealership in Tallahassee. Here are some other reasons you’ll be glad you trusted your vehicle to us, whether a Nissan or another model.

  • You can use one of our rentals if you need a vehicle to get through the day while your car is being serviced.
  • Our waiting area is relaxing and features complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.
  • We use and sell a wide selection of original equipment manufacturer parts.
  • We may offer a lifetime warranty with our service department as part of the benefits of buying a car from us.
  • We can assist with getting the right parts and accessories for certain goals, such as Mopar gears for sportier driving.
  • You can access our Kraft Automotive Group body shop on Commercial Drive for collision repair or bodywork.

Our staff is pleased to provide Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Lake City Beach, and neighboring regions with a comprehensive Nissan service center. Now that you know about the best dealership in Tallahassee, why risk wasting time and money going elsewhere?

Each driver has unique requirements when it comes to purchasing a new car. Because of this, we pay close attention when you share your vehicle preferences. When it comes to service, we’re honest and focused on customer needs. Contact us at your convenience for any automotive needs. For more savings, ask about Kraft Care, a comprehensive maintenance package.


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