Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

As electric vehicles (EV) are getting more popular and more electric models are being released in the Nissan lineup, Tallahassee drivers like yourself might be curious about them. Whether you are curious because you are thinking of getting one– like the Nissan LEAF or ARIYA– yourself or you want to learn a bit more about them, our team at Kraft Nissan is your go-to source! Below, we will go over some of the most commonly asked questions about EVs that we have gotten from our customers and local drivers. 

What is the Range? 

The first question we usually get has to do with range. In the industry, we call this range anxiety, and it’s the first myth with electric vehicles. The current range of EVs nearly mimics the current range of gasoline vehicles. Most EVs are approaching anywhere between 200 to 300 miles of range. And just like with any vehicle, you have a distance meter that can tell you how much range you have. What this means is that you have days or even weeks to determine when your next charge should be.

Also, just like with your gas-powered car, you might like to fill it when it gets near empty or you might even hate for your car to get less than half full. While a person will charge their vehicle every week or two on average, that might not be the same for you and your habits in Tallahassee. You can expect to gauge when you need to charge your EV just like you would with gauging when to fill up the tank when you switch to a different gas-powered model. 

How Much Does It Cost to Own an EV? 

With the purchase of any EV vehicle today, several manufacturers are offering hundreds of dollars worth of credit to use at these charging stations. Plus, you might even be eligible for a federal tax credit and other local incentives. The price of just buying an EV may be more affordable than the outright MSRP. 

If we are talking about the charging cost, then the easiest way to answer your question is that it will be the equivalent of your old car getting over 100 miles per gallon. To dive a little deeper, if you fill your car up at a pay as you go to charging stations to get 250 miles of range, it will cost you a few dollars as opposed to the $50 to $60 that you will need in your current vehicle to get the same amount of distance. At home, it’s an even larger gap.

The total cost to own an EV over a model with an internal combustion engine over a 5-year span has been calculated at thousands of dollars of savings when you take the following services that are no longer needed in an EV into consideration: Oil changes, radiator flushes, transmission flushes, and more. 

Where Do I Charge an EV?

If you are thinking of owning an EV in Tallahassee, you'll be charging your car both at home and in public: 

At Home:

The most convenient charging method is using a 220-volt dryer outlet in your garage or on the side of your house. You can charge your car from empty to completely full in approximately 7 hours. Essentially, you can charge your car overnight every day and leave your house completely full without ever stopping at a gas station! 

In Public:

Should you find yourself getting near empty unexpectedly while you're out, simply touch the screen on your EV vehicle to "find charging stations" or use our handy map via Google Maps. When the results pops up on the screen, it looks as though you have sprinkled pepper on the map because there are so many options for charging stations!

If you ever close by Kraft Nissan or another Nissan dealership, you can get quick charging for free! Expect a full charge in roughly 1 hour or a quick charge for 100 miles of range in 15 minutes.

If you are using coal power to charge your car, isn't the carbon footprint the same?

This is one for our environmentally-conscious folks or those who are science-savvy. Currently, depending on where your town gets its electrical power from, there is still some carbon footprint for the daily driving of an EV. However, it is already less than a model with an internal combustion engine. As towns and municipalities start moving toward renewable energy sources like wind and solar, these footprints will dramatically decrease over time. 

Discover More about EVs with Kraft Nissan

If you have any more questions about EVs, feel free to get in touch with our team at Kraft Nissan. We are excited to help Tallahassee drivers like yourself learn more about electric performance and how it may be suitable for your lifestyle! 


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