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In the United States and across the world, the vehicle market is trending away from fossil fuels and towards electric-powered vehicles. Every car manufacturer has set goals to stop using internal combustion engines for vehicles by 2030. But what would someone who's in the industry think about this? As a sales manager at Kraft Nissan, I think the trend towards EVs is for the better as electric models are more cost-effective, reliable, and suitable for the task. 

For example, you may have noticed that even large trucks are going to be electric in the very near future. I have a lot of truck buyers who are concerned about 4 wheel drive and/or off-road capability in Tallahassee. But imagine for a moment– that instead of a rear differential which has to account for torque to determine wheel spin and traction, now you have a motor at each individual wheel motoring wheel spin and traction. This will be a much more capable of an off-road vehicle and sports cars are no different.

While MSRPs for available models may seem higher currently, we are still at the beginning of this trend. As more and more vehicles move away from fossil fuels, the cost to build the batteries will come down. Similarly, as more and more power sources move toward renewable energy, the overall cost will come down. Also, the cost of ownership of an EV today is less than an internal combustion engine and that gap will continue to widen. In fact, most people report they have stopped spending unnecessary money at circle K because they don't stop there for gas anymore. 

Whether you want to get some frequently asked questions answered or you want to discover the current Nissan electric lineup, Kraft Nissan is the dealership near Tallahassee that you can turn to! The opportunity is here and it is now. Take advantage of the tax incentives! Contact us today and we can show you the Nissan LEAF that has been in production since 2011 and even fill you in on the exciting upcoming all-new ARIYA SUV!


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